The guide of buying a parking sensor

Published: 05th September 2011
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Today the technology develops very fast, even if it develops beyond our imagination. Today we are happiness for the high technology brings a great convenience to our life. Today there are so many vehicles that in all the roads in cities, so it is not easy for us to park our vehicles. To make the drivers park the vehicle safely and quickly, the parking sensor come into being.

we called the device is the most valuable device in the 21st century, when the drivers buy the device they need not turn around their heads to look around, they need step on the brake to control the speed of the vehicle. Toady some of the vehicles which they are sold in the national have been installed the device. Now let’s look at.

`)FAW—Volkswagen Maiteng

The product carry the Germany automatic parking system, which was designed by the FAW—Volkswagen company, it can make the vehicle automated complete side parking. The parking sensor system will use the ultrasonic sensor to scan on both sides of the road, and it can help you find the proper place to park your vehicle by comparing the parking space and body length.

When the device find the place, there is a clue from the device, and the product will help you enter the parking area. So you just need to hang the automatic reverse automatically, then the Chinese navigation system of the LCD monitor will reveal the image that on the screen. So it makes you more easily to drive your vehicle.

Parking sensors with radar system and the sonar sensor are most common used, they main purpose is to help you park your love vehicle or they remind the driver that there are existence the objects, so the devices are welcomed by many people.

a) Skoda

Skoda haorui also had the advanced system configuration; there is almost 180 degree front bumper in the device. Most of the devices have only 4 bumpers, while the Skoda has 5, so it is better than other devices.

The Skoda use ultrasonic sensor scans on both sides of the road, and compared through the space and length of the vehicle the device can help you find a suitable parking space, while the drives only need to control the brakes, then you can park into a right place. If you have such a device, you will not worry about the parking, even if your driving technology is not very skillful and it is easy for you to park according to the system instruction.

In the decoration, the device has installed the car DVD player functions so that you can listen to your love songs or you can let the back passengers to enjoy their favorite programs that they love.

The device can help people solve the problem which there are so many people in the city, sometimes if you are a skillful drive you may park your vehicle in the small space, the device can solve the problem for you easily, in a world the device can make our life easier.

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